An Educational Trip from RocknRoll Adventures Ltd.

RocknRoll Adventures Ltd. provides a sole occupancy of a traditional farmhouse that suits the requirements of the group. The surrounding farm gives the sense of residing in the rural France. The buildings have separate bedrooms, for boys, girls and teachers. There’s a free space for children to play and for the teacher to relax. With the nearby valleys, rivers and the green grass, the group will indeed feel at home. A typical accommodation provided can be drafted as a traditional farmhouse, 10-12 rooms, different accommodation for girls, boys and teachers, 5 bathrooms, 6toilets, lounge and a garden.


 Daily, evening meals are prepared by use of local ingredients for a healthy balanced diet. RocknRoll believes in providing a real tasty food for all their meals. There are varieties of foods to choose from the menu.

  1. Breakfast: chocolate, bread, jams, honey, coffee, tea, juices and cereals
  2. Lunch: fresh baguette and salad, tuna, cheese, crisps, a cereal bar, water and a fruit box.
  3. Supper: vegetable salad and spaghetti bolognese; cucumber and chive salad, camembert and apple pastry beetroot and tomato salad. In addition, there is an apple tart, apple sorbet, rice pudding, French fries and ice cream.

Professional Staff

 A staff of experienced instructors is provided to support the school trips to France. The staff ensures the group’s safety and provides assistance in case of any difficulty, so that the groups have an ample and enjoyable time throughout the tour.

Tailor Made Residential Trips

RocknRoll ensures that the school trips to France achieve the right outside adventure of historical and cultural experiences. The RocknRoll team takes the responsibility of organizing the entire tour. There is a variety of activities to choose from such as a farm visit to the goats-cheese, mountain biking, Bayeux tapestry, land yachting, hire-wire forest adventure and canoeing.


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