Fun and Educational School Trips to France

School trips give a chance for the students to experience a level of education that cannot be provided by a typical classroom learning session. Field trips provide the students a wonderful opportunity for learning by doing, rather than by just listening to theory. The new experiences that the students face widens their horizons and gives them exposures to ideas that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. They are valuable for children of all ages and give them a chance to have real-life experiences.


French school trips are very popular as France is a great destination for your kids as they get to learn about the culture, art and heritage of different places in France. There are beautiful beaches in southern France and the best time to visit would be in summer. Apart from that, the Bordeaux and Loire Valley can be visited anytime of the year. We organize everything for you right from doing the paperwork and the documents involved. You can rest assured that the trips planned by us are with the highest levels of safety and security. We can cater to trips of all sizes. We have experienced and knowledgeable instructors and teachers who can make all the difference to your child’s trip. They are all certified in first aid.We also make sure that the students get introduced to the French Language which can surely help them in their future cultural studies. We have also categorized our trips based on the requirements of the student group. The education trip covers some stunning locales such as The Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower and the Somme Battlefield. The history of France is very extensive and the visit would add as a great learning module for the students. We can customize the trip according to your needs and we also have tailor made options for you to choose from. If the students are keen on learning about the World War, we have a tour that specifically focuses on that. Places to visit would include the Memorial Museum Passchendaele, the Thiepval Memorial and the Menin Gate. Or if you prefer a more adventurous trip, we can arrange for that too. The France adventure trip involves activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and sailing. The students are also taught water rafting and our fully qualified, trained and equipped instructors will make sure that the entertainment is experienced in a very protective environment. We are more than happy to help you and make this a memorable trip for your children.

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